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Which EU country has the smallest gap between rich and poor?

3jun netherland economic equality

French economist Thomas Piketty has warned in a new book that economic inequality or the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing exponentially worldwide.


But if countries want to avert the consequences of this phenomenon, they can look to the Netherlands for a few tips.


According to Dutch central statistics office CBS, economic inequality in the Netherlands is small compared to other EU countries. In their report on prosperity in the Netherlands, the office said that the gap between the rich and poor did not change from 2001 to 2012 except in 2007.


Starting 2012, spending power went down minimally at 0.1% with freelancers and people dependent on benefits the worst hit. Since then, the average household income minus taxes is €33,200.


Compared to figures in 1990, people have 15% more to spend today.


The areas in Netherlands which registered the lowest income are those east of Groningen and in Limburg. Meanwhile, areas which registered the highest income are mainly those in the west, including Laren, Bloemendaal, Rosendaal in Gelderland and Alphen-Chaam in Brabant.



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