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Europe welcomes new ‘mythical’ 10-euro Note

by FFE EU News Staff


Europe’s central bank reveals what the new 10-euro bill looks like.

Europe’s central bank reveals what the new 10-euro bill looks like.


The European Central Bank (ECB) has revealed on Monday the new €10 banknote that features the Greek mythological woman Europa, from which the name ‘Europe’ was taken.


The €10 bill is the second in a series of new banknotes that the ECB will be rolling out in a bid to curb counterfeiting. The latest €5 bill was launched back in May, while the €10 bill will be circulated starting 23 September. Other denominations that will undergo the facelift are the €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 bills.



The new series of banknotes will feature stronger security measures like the Europa hologram and watermark, an updated security thread and an emerald number at the bottom left corner of the bill.


According to ECB, the number of counterfeit bills in circulation from July to December of last year was up by 11.4% compared to January to June. However, ECB assured the public that counterfeit bills ‘remains very low in comparison with the number of genuine banknotes in circulation during that period (over 15 billion).’


Last year, vending machines refused to accept the €5 bill. But rail operators like Germany’s Deutsche Bahn are currently updating their software to prevent this problem from happening to the €10 bill.



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