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European Commission calls for higher voter Turnout

by FFE EU News Staff



In a bid to encourage higher voter turnout for next year’s 2014 European Parliament elections, the European Commission (EC) has just released a recommendation for political parties and EU countries.


The recommendation says that national political parties should clearly define which European party they are affiliated with and that they should also announce their preferred candidate for Commission president.


In addition, it calls on EU countries to hold the elections at the same day for improved consolidation purposes.


The EC said that the declining number of voter turnout for the past few years has been the direct result of lack of information. It released a Eurobarometer survey that revealed:


  • 84% of Europeans believe voter turnout will improve if they were better informed of the EU’s impact on their daily lives
  • 73% believe they would vote if they were informed of the candidate’s political affiliations and
  • 62% believe holding the election in the same day throughout Europe will increase turnout.


Meanwhile, a website has been launched that serves as a guide for voters to prepare for the 22–25 May elections. ‘Act. React. Impact.’ has all information regarding the European Parliament and other relevant news on member states and parties that are joining the elections. The website is available in 24 languages.


Twitter users can also use #EP2014 to join debates and seek and provide information regarding the elections.





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