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Eurovision 2014: Highlights of Final Night

12may eurovision



Conchita’s win, at 290 points, is the first in a long time for Austria whose last victory was in Eurovision 1966. The singer cried her eyes out during the final, visibly moved and elated by her win. Many Eurovision fans saw her victory looming in the horizon, especially since her song touched hearts for its sincerity and power.


At second came the Dutch entry ‘Calm After the Storm,’ which came as a surprise to many viewers and the media. This is because the song by The Common Linnets’ Ilse de Lange and Waylon used only three chords throughout the performance. The visuals were also extremely low-key compared to other mind-blowing performances in this year’s Eurovision.


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In the end, it was the simplicity and the chemistry of the singers on stage that led to their victory. According to Netherlands’ Nos television, 6.2 million people, or 1 in 3 Dutch, watched the duo’s performance. Does this mean that today’s Eurovision audiences believe that simpler is better? If so, then next year’s hopefuls may want to get rid of the stage gimmicks that this year’s competitors are guilty of!

Third place was grabbed by Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen, who sang the love song ‘Undo.’ In terms of theatrics and lyrics, some said they loved how the song builds up to an explosive ending. Sweden’s song has been a favourite throughout the contest.



Many countries whose performances were just as memorable did not make it to the top spots, including the fabulous antics of Russia’s Tolmachevy Sisters, who were unfortunately booed by the audience; Greece’s energetic Freaky Fortune; Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo with her soaring ballad and Hungary’s moving number on child abuse, ‘Running’ are some of those worth mentioning.

For those who could not make it to the top three, it’s better luck next year. Did your best bet win in Eurovision 2014? Let’s hear what you think about the results in the comment box below:



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