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Eurovision 2014: Who’s your best Bet?

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37 creative countries, 37 amazing songs — only 1 winner. With many seamless voices and inspiring stories, how is it even possible to choose only one champion in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? More importantly, who will you vote for in today’s Grand Final in Copenhagen, Denmark?


If you’re having a hard time deciding which country to place your bet on, here are the predictions made by polls and magazines:


Top Eurovision blog WiwiBloggs.com asked more than 100,000 of its audiences who they thought should win in today’s finals. The top three poll winners were: ‘Heartbeat’ by Can-linn and Kasey Smith of Ireland, ‘Not Alone’ by Aram Mp3 of Armenia and ‘Rise Up’ by Freaky Fortune and Riskykidd of Greece.

10may eurovision 2014


Metro magazine also has Greece’s entry in its top 6 countries to watch out for. However, it only gave the hip-hop/dance Greek contenders sixth place. The rest of its bets include: ‘Tick Tock’ by Mariya Yaremchuk of Ukraine (5th), ‘Undo’ by Sanna Nielsen of Sweden (4th), ‘Children of the Universe’ by Molly of Britain (3rd) and ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ by Conchita Wurst of Austria (2nd).



 ‘Rise Up’ by Freaky Fortune and Riskykidd (Greece)


Its best bet has none of the stage theatrics of the rest of its top 6: ‘Calm After the Storm’ by The Common Linnets of the Netherlands. They chose this song because of its simplicity, drama and the chemistry between the soulful singers.


Meanwhile, some of Eurovision 2014’s most memorable singers and performers may just grab enough supporters to rally behind them later in the finals.


Austria’s Conchita Wurst, the lady with the beard, may turn lots of heads on stage with her looks. However, she also delivers a fiery punch with her balladeer voice and her fashionable taste for evening dresses.


 ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ by Conchita Wurst (Austria)


Iceland’s all-male group Pollapönk has left a mark for wearing colourful tracksuits while wielding guitars. An understandable, albeit unfashionable, choice given that they are PE teachers.

10may eurovision 2014 3

Pollapönk from Iceland


While many of the contenders are singing songs of love and encouragement, France’s entry, ‘Moustache’ by TWIN TWIN, talks about a man who has it all — except a brush of facial hair, which is all he wants in the world.


 ‘Moustache’ by TWIN TWIN (France)


The TWIN TWIN isn’t worried about its song despite poor predictions in the final. Their minds are more focused on their song’s impact for the French people, who have been called the least interested in Eurovision results. As proud Francophiles, TWIN TWIN said they will sing their song in French.


The clock is ticking, so make a choice! Which of the Eurovision 2014 contestants belong in your top 5? Will you be voting based on country, singer or song? Who do you think deserves to win this year? Share your thoughts by commenting below.



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