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Facebook forcing Norwegians to dive into icy Waters

Young men jumping into the sea, low angle view


A new social media trend has spread like a wildfire in Norway — and it all started with a dare from an eight-year-old girl from the Danish islands of Faroe in the North Atlantic Ocean.


#hoppihavetutfordring or ‘Jump in the Sea Challenge’ has forced many Norwegians to dive into the icy winter waters after being tagged by challengers. Once they have successfully uploaded their dives with the hashtag, they can then tag others to do the dare.


Those who do not complete the dare will have to ‘pay their price’ by buying the challenger huge amounts of alcohol.


Faroese-Norwegian Roy Poulsen was the one who spread the challenge to Norway. He explained ‘It was my eight-year-old daughter who first challenged me. The penalty for not carrying out is usually to buy alcohol for the challenger, but my daughter wanted a trip to the cinema.’


After diving off Vesterålen, Poulsen then tagged his friends, who tagged their friends and so forth. Poulsen commented ‘I did not know that the Norwegians were so crazy. Politicians and business leaders have jumped into the sea after me.’


The challenge has been successful so far that Poulsen believes it will eventually infect every Norwegian in the country. In the Facebook page dedicated to the challenge, around 3,800 people have signed up: ‘It looks unfortunately like the phenomenon is now established, I think no one will escape.’


While Poulsen is left in awe of the phenomenal virality of the challenge, he has also apologised to those who have been tagged by their friends and are inconvenienced by the dare.





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