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Feng Shui for the 2014 Home

Feng Shui follows the belief that our environment can affect us more than we thought it can — influencing our health, career and relationships. It is not simply a matter of decorating our home. It is also decorating to harmonise our physical, emotional and mental well-being: our energy flow.


As 2013 ends, we should start making preparations to meet whatever 2014 has in store for us. To invite good fortune and positive harmony for the whole of the coming year, feng shui teaches us to decorate according to where the natural energy flows around the house.




Ba-gua or pakua is one of the main tools used in feng shui to analyze the energy of any given space, be it home, office or garden. Basically, bagua is the feng shui energy map of your space that shows you which areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life.


Using the bagua as a guide, here are the areas around the house that we should focus on because they bring energy into the home:


South: Wealth


The south feng shui bagua will teem with wealth energy next year. To invite luck, decorate following the colour of fire, including red, pink, purple, orange and yellow. To attract wealth, decorate using crystals that are attuned to the wealth energy like tiger’s eye, amethyst, citrine and pyrite.



Keep the south area of your home happy and flowing with fire-themed throws or drapes.



Tiger’s eye crystals invite protection, while Amethyst invites purification. Place any of these crystals or gem-inspired pieces like vases on the south area of the house.


North: Future Wealth


The north feng shui bagua, will also be attracting more wealth in 2014. But unlike the south area of the home, the north areas should be decorated with water element items. The colour of the north area should be blue or black. Real water elements like aquariums and other water features can be used to attract wealth.



Plants are ideal in the north area of the home as they thrive in the water element, creating high energy flow. Get fresh flowers that radiate the fire element like pink tulips.



Decorate the north side with Chinese coins, money tree or the three legged toad to invite wealth energy.


Centre: Romance and education


The centre of the house will attract romantic and educational pursuits next year.  Blue and black are great colours for this part of the house as they channel water feng shui elements. Fresh flowers and plants will enhance the flow of romance and education energies into the house.


Specific romance feng shui cures like the dragon and phoenix, mandarin ducks and double happiness signs will strengthen the energy of love. Personal love symbols and images of romance can also enhance the area.



Study materials like books, and creative, DIY projects featuring travel destinations or a vision board at the centre area of the home will also invite more luck in personal pursuits.


West: Career success


The west feng shui bagua will attract success in the business or workplace next year. Accomplishments and recognition will soar and financial happiness can also be gained if the west area of the house is prepared to receive the career energy. Metal elements will help keep the energy flowing.



Choose photos of career highlights for the past years and display them using a metal frame.


Natural rock formations and crystals like geodes and pyrite also invite more career energy into the west side of the house.



Southwest: Overall success in 2014


The southwest bagua will be a great source of energy, and nourishing these energies can boost luck in professional and personal goals for 2014. Water and metal elemental colours like black, blue, charcoal grey and white can attract good fortune.



A personal vision board can be used as a DIY feng shui cure. Other traditional cures to use for overall success include dragon turtles, horses and fountains.



Chinese gourds and items with round shapes will also bring positive energy at this area of the house.





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