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Fiesta Nacional de Espana

Parades, people in traditional costumes and military attire, flags, and recently, fighter jets spreading the colours of mother Spain in the sky – the flurry and festivity that descends on 12 October marks a historic occasion for the Spanish people and the rest of the Latin world.

12 October is Spain’s National Day or Fiesta Nacional de Espana, a national public holiday that commemorates the arrival of Spanish-supported navigator Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. Since the year 2000, 12 October has also been Spain’s Day of the Armed Forces, which is why a military parade and air force aerobatics also mark the occasion.

The non-working holiday is celebrated with events and parades. Television and radio stations also broadcast the parade, which is attended by the King of Spain.

Since it is a day off for offices, stores and public services open only for a limited time. Most people take advantage of the time and go on a holiday outside of the city or the country.

For tourists or Spaniards living in Zaragosa, the National Day also commemorates the beginning of the 9-day feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, patroness of the Hispanic people. Our lady of the Pillar is also the patron of a number of churches in the Philippines, and Filipinos celebrate 12 October with Marian processions and ritual dancing.

What are your plans on 12 October? For our kababayans living in Spain where and how will you celebrate Spain’s National Day? Share your plans by commenting below!



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