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Filipino or French: Who is more faithful?

by FFE EU News Staff


franceA report released by Institut français d’opinion publique (lfop) on Tuesday revealed that 55% of French men admit to cheating on their partners.


The study by extramarital dating site Gleeden said that cheating in France had been growing since the 70s. Ifop researcher François Kraus said ‘People have more partners these days, women are much more in the working environment so they come into contact with other men, there’s technology and social media, meaning people can communicate in private. There’s basically much more temptation around now.


‘The interesting stat for me was that 35% of French, more than one in three, say they are prepared to cheat on their partners as long as they were sure they wouldn’t find out.’


The study also asked what cheating meant to the French. 57% of respondents of both sexes said sexting was infidelity, while two in three women believed kissing was a form of cheating.


lfop’s report was released just as France is tackling on a huge debate on extramarital affairs as no less than French president François Hollande has hit the front pages for his alleged affair with actress Julie Gayet.


The report also supports a 2013 study by Pew Research that revealed the French tend to be more forgiving when it comes to extramarital affairs with 47% of the French saying affairs are morally unacceptable. This comes in wide contrast to the 90% of Filipinos who said affairs are morally unacceptable.


While French men enjoy quite a liberal view on extramarital affairs, Filipino men tend to stick with their wives, according to De La Salle University social demographer Dr Romeo Lee in his 2005 paper ‘Creating a New Understanding of the Filipino Male as a Social, Sexual Being.’


Lee added that though most Filipino men are seen as ‘skirt-chasers,’ most Filipino husbands are ‘actually faithful to their wives.’ A 2001 study said that 87.1% of Filipino men only had one sexual partner in the last 12 months.


However, it seems that Filipinos in general are greatly afflicted with what is called ‘the mistress syndrome’ as the local TV and film industries continue to produce dramas like ‘A Secret Affair,’ ‘The Mistress’ and ‘One More Try.’


Loyola Schools Guidance Counselor Virgilio Panlasigui explained that these kinds of shows are ‘more titillating. It arouses curiosity [as to] why this thing happened, so I think that’s the reason why it’s in the psyche of every Filipino.’


While there is no recent statistics on the number of Filipino men who admit to cheating with their partners, the prevalence of the ‘mistress syndrome’ in popular culture may just affect the Filipino’s acceptance of the behaviour.




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