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Filipino Icon: Bayong



The Bayong is a bag made by weaving dried leaves of local plants. The traditional Bayong is made from buri leaves in the Visayas while they use pandan leaves in Luzon. Bayong made from plastic strips are also popular in the Philippines.


The Bayong is usually used by Filipinos when going to the market, especially the wet market. The Bayong can be considered as the original eco-bag as people can use it over and over again and is made from organic materials. As a traditional carry-all, the Bayong is still popular amongst people in the provinces but recently, the use of Bayong has evolved into a more fashionable style.


Due to the reduced popularity of the Bayong, environmentalists and designers had come up with an idea of giving the Bayong a new twist. By dyeing the leaves used in making the Bayong or adding other fashionable accessories, the more fashionable Bayong has attracted younger generations. With its varied designs the Bayong is now a popular souvenir as well to those visiting the Philippines.



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