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Filipino Icon: Tapsilog

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Tapsilog is a popular Filipino breakfast meal made with cured beef (tapa), garlic-fried rice (sinangag), and fried egg (itlog). The term itself is a portmanteau word that combines “tapa,” “sinangag,” and “itlog.”

Much of the time, sinangag is made from rice left over from the night before, and tapa, like egg, is very easy to cook. Like any other Filipino meal, breakfast is a hearty and satisfying affair, meant to fill the stomach and nourish the body until the next meal.

 Tapsilog is just one variation of the many “-silog” dishes meant to fill Filipino stomachs on short notice. Other kinds of –silog include daingsilog –smoked fish, fried rice, and fried egg- longsilog –longganisa (Philippine-style Spanish sausages), fried rice, and fried egg, and SPAMsilog –SPAM, fried rice, and fried egg. Out of all of the –silogs, however, tapsilog stands out as an all-time favorite.

This delicious, filling meal has sated the hunger of Filipinos from virtually all walks of life, and is just as quintessentially pinoy as adobo.



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