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Filipino Superhero Series: Lastikman

He’s an elastic Superhero who can twist, stretch and reshape his body to any form he desires, that is Lastikman.



Lastikman is a comics superhero created by Mars Ravelo and first appeared in Aliwan Komiks #56 on 7 December 1964. He was patterned from the DC Comics Superhero Plastic Man. Like Plastic Man, Lastikman can also stretch and shape his highly resilient body to long lengths and into any shape.  Lastikman wears a checkered costume and he usually retains his costume’s color when  his shape shifts.



In the original comic version “Lastik Man Vol. 1” in 1965, Lastikman is an alien from another planet. He landed on Earth and decided to fight crime in the Philippines, mostly in Metro Manila.


In 28 September 1995, Lastikman was revived by Graphic Arts Service, Inc. (GASI) and new stories were created under different writers and artists. Lastikman was also given a new costume and an alter- ego that of Dr. Manuel De Lastico.


In its first issue Color of Death, Lastikman had become arrogant. His arrogance caused him to lose a fight against the villain Frikton. Lastikman almost died from this encounter and was sent to Limbo. There, he met Superheroes Captain Barbell and Darna and admitted his defeat was caused by his conceit. Captain Barbell and Darna saw that Lastikman deserves a second chance, combined their powers to send him back to life. Lastikman faced more foes in the succeeding issues that had a total of 14 releases. Its final issue was released on 28 December 1995.


From 1996 to 1997, Lastikman went back to the pages of Aliwan Komiks.



In 2004, Lastikman came back intor comics in full color. The 56-page comics was similar to the original comic story only this time the alien superhero finds out that he was a lesser version of an experiment of the species Lastomorphs.




  • Noble
  • Strong
  • Brave




  • Stretch parts of his body to long lengths
  • Shape-shift
  • Bullet-proof
  • Immortality




  • Darna
  • Captain Barbell
  • Cecile- girlfriend




  • Blaab- an alien from Thufpox who wants to move the Earth from its orbit
  • Megan- Blaab’s minion
  • Professor Gilmor- a genius who wants to eliminate all adults as he believes they are the root of all evils
  • Taong Putik- a mud monster who fell down a toxic- infested creek
  • Gummo- an evil dwarf who causes earthquakes
  • Cyberman- a rogue cyborg bodyguard
  • Occasional criminals


Three Lastikman movies have been made so far. The first movie version was released in 1958 with Von Serna portraying the elastic superhero. In more recent years, a 2003 movie was produced with Vic Sotto as Lastikman. The movie’s story did not follow any of its former stories instead Lastikman unlike the original stories, gained his powers when a meteor hit a rubber tree he was standing next to.


Vic Sotto and Vhong Navarro as Lastikman

Vic Sotto and Vhong Navarro as Lastikman

The following year another Lastikman movie was released with Mark Bautista reprising the role.


In 2007, a Lastikman television show was aired in ABS CBN with Vhong Navarro as Lastikman.



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