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Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?

by FFE Tech News Staff


Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?

Flappy Bird was a viral, thousand-US dollar hit. So why did the creator remove it from Apple’s App Store?


The doomsday announcement and subsequent removal of the hugely sensational app ‘Flappy Bird’ early Monday morning caused a wildfire online in just one day. In its wake, many fans and haters launched sincere appeals, wild guesses and lucrative campaigns to jumpstart calls for the return of the game.


But why did Flappy Bird creator Nguyen Ha Dong remove the app that earned him $50,000 in ads per day? If the 29-year-old is to be believed, then stress and unwanted media attention are the culprits behind the demise of the app:


Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?


Many have speculated about the reason behind the removal of the app. One is that Nguyen was facing legal issues with Nintendo, the creator of Mario Bros, which Nguyen admitted was his inspiration for the game. But a spokesperson for the Japanese game maker said it was not considering a lawsuit and hinted that this was only a rumour.


Another possible reason was the alleged manipulation of the app’s ranking in Apple’s App Store. The phenomenal spread of the game led many to believe that Nguyen used bots or fake accounts to boost the game’s standing, leading more people to download it. However, Nguyen denied the allegation, saying ‘If I did fake it, should Apple let it live for months?’ Flappy Bird had been in Apple’s store since May 2013.


Some initial reactions from Filipinos on the removal of the game included doubts, agreement and indifference as to the motive of the developer:


Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?


Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?


Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?


The news of the game’s abrupt demise also had many fans and haters of the game turning to desperate appeals and economical means to revive the app. Twitter users used #RIPFlappyBird #SaveFlappyBird to air their sentiments about the shocking news. YouTube was also not spared by fans who wanted to share their anger and appeal for the return of the game.


Many jumped in the chance to share what they have to distraught fans. Gaming addicts shared alternatives to Flappy Bird, some computer geeks shared links to websites that would allow players to use their computers to play while others vowed to remake the game. Those who needed cash also resorted to selling their phones to give chance to those who missed downloading the game:


Why did ‘Flappy Bird’ creator cut off game’s Wings?


The latest development is a rumour that suggested Nguyen had killed himself. This news is yet to be confirmed, but it just goes to show how far the imagination of the Flappy Bird community would go to justify the loss of their beloved game.



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