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Foldable cars coming soon

5jun foldable car



University of Graz student Helmut Brunner has just created a revolutionary solution to congested traffic and lack of parking space in urban areas: foldable cars.


Brunner developed the ‘Origamimobile’ as part of his diploma thesis at the Frank Stronach Institute. The car, named from the Japanese art of paper-folding called ‘origami,’ can be folded to about two metres or around the space taken up by a motorcycle.


Graz University of Technology research supervisor Mario Hirz explained that the size ‘has been achieved by reducing the wheelbase to about half. When the vehicle is set up to drive, it is a little over three metres in length. When it’s folded, it is about two metres long. It would theoretically be possible to park in a space of two metres.’


Origamimobile is a 400kg, 3-passenger car made with sustainable materials and comes with emissions-free electric motor, three wheels and a roof. It can reach a maximum speed of 60kph, carries security measures like air bags and has a storage area for medium-sized shopping bags. With its size, the car is capable of short distance urban driving.


As of now, price estimates are around 6,000 to 7,000 euros.


The development phase of the car is finished and the developers are currently looking for sponsors. Hirz and Brunner plan to create a prototype over the summer to demonstrate its ‘foldability’ to potential sponsors.



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