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Follow the traffic in Manila in real-time

The MMDA’s Traffic Mirror, a website allowing motorists to view real-time video feed of the latest traffic situation on the road, was presented to the media and other officials of the MMDA at its headquarters on Monday.

“Our purpose is to empower the ordinary motorists, pedestrians and even the businessmen. Why would you still use a road when you already know it’s already blocked?” MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino told reporters during the launch. Tolentino said the newest project was aimed at helping the public make informed choices on the road. He said a smart phone or a tablet with a 3G or online connection would be needed in monitoring nine major areas along EDSA, C-5 Road and Commonwealth Avenue. , which the MMDA considers chokepoints during rush hour.

Tolentino noted that the project which gives a boost to the digitized traffic information system of the MMDA hit the road at no cost to the government. Information Capital Technology Ventures , a telecommunication and media technology firm based in Makati City, was tapped in the project through a public private partnership agreement. The private company shoulders the cost in the set up and maintenance of the website and actually earns through the advertisements posted on the site.

Now, motorists can choose among different media to be able to get the latest traffic information.The most active and popular is the MMDA’s twitter account @MMDA, which as of Monday already has 555,967 followers. The twitter team would respond to queries about traffic situation within one or two minutes.

The MMDA also has mobile applications for iPhones and other android phones which are available for download for free. These mobile apps would allow the motorists to have a bird’s eye view of the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

For those of you who  miss the trafic in Manila,  you can acess the MMDA 24/7 hourse live streaming of traffic in EDSA and C5 here: http://mmda.nowplanet.tv/

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