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Harder test for foreign doctors to work in Britain

19apr uk doctors


A recent study by the General Medical Council (GMC) revealed a shocking piece of news about foreign-trained doctors working in the UK, and the public are scrambling to call a quick assessment of those being given licences to practice in the medical field.


According to the GMC study, the majority of 88,000 foreign doctors currently working in the UK fall below the standards set by British medical schools. This revealed that current tests being given to foreign doctors are too easy compared to tests taken by British doctors.


The shocking find has led many in media to question UK public health institute the National Health Service’s (NHS) decision to recruit foreign doctors en masse. The Daily Telegraph commented ‘If we seriously intend to recalibrate the NHS to make it less hospital-centred, then we need to apply the highest standards to front-line services.’


Meanwhile, The Times called for stricter assessments of foreign doctors to ensure they meet Britain’s standards: ‘Doctors from outside the EU who want to practise in Britain must pass a General Medical Council exam meant to ensure they are at the same level as graduates from UK medical schools.’





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