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Four must-have travel Apps

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Travelling can be a bad experience if the smallest things like uncomfortable plane seats and getting lost happen to you. But these 4 apps can help consolidate those little snags in travelling, leading you to have a completely memorable experience.


Here are 4 must-have apps that will give you key insider knowledge when travelling:


 23jun travel apps


Hate being lost? Galileo can help you navigate maze-like streets of cities around the world. Galileo offers offline maps for free that you can access even without Internet. Use GPS to navigate the maps while Record helps you capture your trips.



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SeatGuru is one of the most popular free apps that give insider tips to those looking for the best and worst plane seats to book on various flights. The app also helps you keep track and compare seat prices among different major airlines.



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This free app can help you consolidate all your loyalty memberships, from flyer miles to hotel and credit card points, under one roof. You won’t ever have to regret missing promo programmes once you have this app installed.



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By paying just 73-euro cents you can use this smart search engine that helps search for flights, hotels and car rentals and can even book your flights and manage your itinerary from the comfort of your gadgets. A friendly interface also makes it very easy to use.





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