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France reveals top baby names for 2014

by FFE Entertainment News staff

There will be no more Jean-Pierre, Paul-Henri or Marie-Elise in the future generations. 2014 L’Officiel des Prenoms just announced that French mums and dads are looking overseas and at the Bible for inspiration to name their bundle of joy.

The L’Officiel des Prenoms on Wednesday said that Nathan retains the crown for the most popular boy name, while Emma is now on its tenth year as the top girl name.

Based on their predictions from official registry data, L’Officiel des Prenoms said that next year 1 out of 72 girls will bear the name Emma. English and Old Testament influences meanwhile maintain the popularity of names like Nathan (1st), Gabriel (4th), Adam (13th) and Noah (16th).

L’Officiel des Prenoms author Stephanie Rapoport said ‘Old Testament names are doing very well in France. They are proving to be very trendy … The names have a value to them and are well established.

‘A few years ago, Nathan was not even in France and now it has been top for three years running. Choosing biblical names is really a recent phenomenon.’

She added that the ‘globalisation’ of names is the result of a more multi-cultural France, a far cry from the 90s when France only looked to the US for new names.

Despite the big Muslim community, the name Mohammed and its variants do not make it to the top 20 of the French list. Rapoport believes this is due to the country’s view on migration, where France emphasises integration leading Muslim families to choose bi-cultural names like Ines and Nadia.



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