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Free, open and secure Wi-Fi tool to be released Soon

21jun free open wifi


Non-profit Internet rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation is set to launch their new Wi-Fi software next month that allows users to share their network password-free while keeping privacy risks at a minimum.


The software is part of the group’s campaign called Open Wireless Movement that strives to create communities where Internet access is the norm but where privacy and security are held with utmost regard.


The software makes use of firmware called Open Wireless Router that allows users to open a portion of their bandwidth to the public. To do this, users are simply asked to download the software from Open Wireless Movement and install the programme in their Wi-Fi router. The initial download is expected to be ready by mid-July.


Open Wireless providers are encouraged to label their networks ‘OpenWireless.org’ to make them more recognisable versus other Wi-Fi networks that are password-protected or paid.


Meanwhile, those who want to access the free network are only required to download a certificate from Open Wireless, which can limit its use. But aside from being unpaid and password-free, Open Wireless allows users to encrypt their links using a protocol called EAP-TLS.


The software’s encryption system also prevents mass surveillance, as guests can log into the network with assigned anonymous IPs that makes their online activities less traceable.


What’s the incentive behind getting Open Wireless? The developers said it’s all about altruism and Internet protection: ‘This is not just a neighborly good thing to do. If you allow this kind of guest usage, it will make your traffic part of the mix and not associated with you. That gives you some protection.’


The software is also advantageous to businesses that offer Wi-Fi connections and average people who want to share their networks to friends.






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