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French cops didn’t know they were getting high from seized Drug

by FFE EU News Staff


French cops didn’t know they were getting high from seized Drug

Police officers tested positive for cannabis, worry about scandal.


Police officers at Roubaix city, northern France were not aware they were getting doped up in the safety of their station.


After seizing and storing around 40 kilos of cannabis and hash, a funky smell had been hanging in the iar of the ground floor and first floor of their building. Many of the cops have complained of headaches and nausea. Some of those who tested themselves for marijuana were surprised to see they failed the drug test.


Local police union official Fabrice Danel said ‘My colleagues are really fed up. Most of them came back positive [for marijuana]. It’s a scandal!’


It has been revealed that the police commissioners and the agency in charge of taking away the seized pot are currently in a spat, which means the confiscated drugs may remain locked up in the station for some time.


An anonymous source said that local judges are unhappy with the current situation, saying ‘Imagine that an officer, on duty or simply going home, causes an accident. A field test would show him positive for drugs and he would be arrested.


‘I imagine a blood test would come back negative, but the officer would end up being labelled corrupt.’


Officials have met last week to address the issue, but no solution has been found yet.



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