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French court: Online dating basis for divorce

10may dating site divorce



A French court has added a new ruling on divorce cases: that using dating websites while married is grounds for divorce.


In the case of a couple from Aix-en-Provence, the judges decided that the divorce was the sole fault of the wife after they found out that she had frequently visited the dating site Netlog during bouts of depression in her marriage.


The 43-year-old woman was also found to have exchanged photographs with some of those she met on the site.


The judges said that depression was not an excuse to look for extra-marital relationships, which they ruled was ‘offensive behaviour towards the husband’ even though there was no physical infidelity.


According to French laws, spouses must show each other ‘mutual respect, fidelity and help.’ ‘It was in this notion of respect that the wife had failed,’ said one lawyer.


The pair, who have three children, had been married in 1990 and separated in 2008.




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