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Is the French education system slipping from the rest of EU?

Is the French education system slipping from the rest of EU?

Statistics agency reveals some shocking facts about the French education system.


France’s national statistics agency Insee has revealed that French adults are less educated than their counterparts in the EU.


Insee said that 72.5% of adults finished high school. The rest of Europe meanwhile scored 74.2%. Older French citizens (65 and above) scored poorer with 56% of them not getting a high school diploma.


Could poor education among the older French population have something to do with the recent charges of unfairness within Education Nationale? According to a separate poll in 2013, around 58% of the French are unhappy with the quality of education they received.


Many (57%) also pointed to the fact that teachers are not trained well; pollster Yves-Marie Cann commented that teachers nowadays are not trained to handle conflicts between students and teachers.


The dissatisfaction with the educational system is also being felt by teachers. In 2011, one teacher set herself aflame in protest of the working conditions teachers faced. Last year, another teacher killed himself and left a suicide note criticising the educational system for putting pressure on teachers.


Despite the statistics among adults in France and the protests against the educational system, Insee revealed a piece of good news: the number of graduates has improved through the years.


Insee said that around 76.7% have received a baccalauréat degree in the past 35 years, five times the number in 1980.



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