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French firefighters’ gag video was too hot for their Bosses

French firefighters’ gag video was too hot for their Bosses

These firefighters did something you should never do if you’re trying to impress your boss.


A group of firefighters from Lille, northern France got a scolding from their bosses after they posted a gag video that was meant to be a birthday greeting.


Why? It’s because the bare-chested firefighters did not seem to draw the line between playful and raunchy.


The firefighters are seen lip-synching to the hugely viral 2012 hit ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen. It seems all fun and games at first with the firefighters depicted in ordinary scenes inside the fire station, except they didn’t have their top on. Later, the firefighters are shown doing bawdier activities like showering, pole dancing and doing their business in the bathroom.


Many commenters in YouTube praised the fun and playful tone of the video. One said ‘I love it. For once they are having fun. They risk their lives every day, so they have the right to have a little fun.’ Another said ‘Love it when you can take a serious job and take a break from the craziness and have fun with it. It’s amazing, keep up the work.’


However, the officers of the fire station expressed their disappointment over the video. One unnamed person from the management said ‘We don’t necessarily want to put out a funny image of ourselves. It’s not in our best interest.


‘On top of it, they are at the fire station, using department equipment. It’s not appropriate.’


Curious as to what the firemen did? Here’s the clip:




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