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French gov’t wants dads to spend more time with Kids

by FFE EU News Staff


Reform on parental leave extends and boosts incentives for dads.

Reform on parental leave extends and boosts incentives for dads.


Quality time with kids doesn’t only mean building better relationships with them. In France, it also means more protected career time-off for dads.


On Monday, French lawmakers voted to reform France’s parental leave law to make leaves and incentives more equal for both mums and dads.


Minister of Women’s Rights Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said it was time France ‘change[d] the way it looks [at parental leave].’ Current laws give more incentive to mothers. Statistics also reveal that out of 540,000 parents who use parental leaves, only 18,000 are men. The minister hopes that with the reform that number will increase to 100,000 in the next two years.


Under the reform, the second parent in families with one child will be given an additional six month’s unpaid leave. Maximum parental leave remains at three years for families with two children as long as six months of that is reserved for the second parent.


Conservative party UMP tried to block the measure because they said it violated the family’s privacy. But despite reservations on its implementation, majority of the party generally supported the reform.


The reform has already been approved in the Senate and is part of a bill on gender equality.



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