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Most French parents do not think education is a big deal

18apr french education


A worldwide study by British banking firm HSBC revealed that French kids need not dread their parents nagging them about homework.


According to the 2014 report ‘The Value of Education,’ French parents are the least worried about their kids’ education, with only 17% saying they are intimidated when making decisions related to it. The French are also the least concerned about saving up for their kid’s education and one of the least to believe that education is the best investment to make.


The French also don’t believe that school prepares their kids for the work place. Only 24% said that education is a potential factor for income generation. Around 33% meanwhile said that schools should offer vocational and professional training.


The findings suggest that French disinterest in education may mean they have confidence in their education system. The school system is highly centralised with many starting at age 3 and finishing by their mid-20s. However, a recent study by poll body Insee reveals the opposite.


The HSBC study was conducted in 15 countries and polled 4,592 parents from 2013 to 2014.



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