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French police say no to Hidden Cash

27jun hidden cash paris


The French police, who are already getting their hands dirty with an increased tourism protection drive in Paris, have said no to the planned Hidden Cash game in the city.


While the game had good intentions, Paris cops said that it’s against the law to play Hidden Cash since ‘The distribution of money in public is forbidden by French criminal law,’ and is punishable by 6 months in jail and a fine of €30,000.


Cops also feared that the game could trigger the same ‘public disorder’ that happened in 2009 when a private company called off a similar event at the last minute.


Hidden Cash is a charity game headed by Jason Buzi, an American philanthropist and millionaire real estate investor. Cash inside an envelope is hidden in a city and clues about its location are tweeted via @hiddencash. The only thing Buzi’s team asks in return is for the finder to tweet his or her treasure.


The game has already been played in different American cities, London and Madrid. The Paris game has been set for the coming weekend.


While there are many who support the idea behind the game, Buzi has also received criticism and Hidden Cash has been called ‘twisted game masquerading as a charity.’ In a manifesto, Buzi explained that ‘This is not about money. It has always been about a fun way to bring people together and give back, and put smiles on people’s faces. Nothing more, nothing less.’








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