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Geneva welcomes world’s best hackers in friendly Bout

Geneva welcomes world’s best hackers in friendly Bout

Ethical hacking the answer to better computer security.


Hacking is not all that bad, especially if it is used to improve existing computer security systems. IT security firm SCRT invited the world’s best hackers for this purpose last weekend in Geneva, Switzerland.


Around 300 hackers gathered in Geneva for the sixth ‘Insomni’hack,’ a competition for ethical hacking. The participants are asked to break into a number of security challenges by accessing websites, opening secure files and intercepting communications without being given usernames, passwords or decoding keys.


The point of the competition is to have fun. However, there is also a serious side to the friendly bout.


Privacy fears have jumped in the previous year because of news on widespread government mass surveillance. Criminals have also grown more sophisticated as webcams, smartphones and tablets have become vulnerable to hacking.


Anti-hacking software is the first line of defence for anyone using electronic devices. However, security firms have to keep up-to-date on the latest hacking tricks to provide full protection to their clients against criminal activity.


Enter ethical hackers who use the dirtiest hacking tricks to find weaknesses in IT companies’ security systems. Through them, security companies are able to fix lapses and holes in their systems. Unlike a hacker who exploits these weaknesses, ethical hackers are legitimately hired by security companies.


Most of the Insomni’hack participants came from hacker hotbeds like Germany, Ukraine and Poland.



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