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German arms firm creates real life James Bond Gun

German arms firm creates real life James Bond Gun

Smart gun that only fires from owner’s hand seen to boost safety.


German arms company Armatix has just brought fiction to the real world by creating the world’s first smart gun called the iP1.


The 22-calibre iP1 is a radio-controlled pistol that is activated only through a PIN code given to the owner. Like James Bond’s gun, the iP1 only works when the shooter is wearing the companion wristwatch that carries a security chip activated by the PIN.


For it to shoot, the iP1 should always be in close contact with the wristwatch. If the pistol is dislodged from the owner’s hand or is handled by another shooter, the iP1 automatically deactivates. Here’s how it works:



German arms firm creates real life James Bond Gun


At €1,019, the iP1 costs twice as much as a 40-calibre Glock. So far, public opinion is divided with some saying iP1 is another exciting venture that promotes responsible gun ownership while others claiming the technology is too complicated to use when the owner is under pressure.


For those interested to have their own iP1, it is worth knowing that in the EU ownership of firearms is regulated by the European Commission. EU residents are allowed to own handguns with authorisation. But while gun laws are strict, gun violence is still a main issue in the EU. Last year, EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström called for the EU to act more visibly to reduce gun violence.



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