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German drone courier’s maiden flight a Success

by FFE EU News Staff


The Deutsche Post DHL had just successfully delivered a package using a drone in a test flight made on Monday. This comes a week after online retail store Amazon also tested drones for delivery.



The post’s yellow drone Paketkopter carried a package of medicines from a pharmacy in Bonn to the post’s main office across the Rhine. The drone flew 50 metres above the ground and took two minutes to cover the one kilometre trip.


Two men controlled the Paketkopter by way of a remote control, but drones can also be controlled by way of a GPS system. DHL manager Ole Nordhoff said ‘We are at the beginning of the research project. It is an exciting bit of technology.’


Before the test flight, DHL had to secure a special permit. The commercial use of drones is yet to be clarified in German laws as well as in other countries.



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