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German mayor releases music video

by FFE EU News staff

With less than a month left before Bavaria in Germany holds elections, mayor Josefa Schmid posted a video of her singing a folk song in a dirndl. However, Kollnburg, Bavaria’s mayoress denied that the video was part of her election campaign.

The 39-year-old Schmid sang a rendition of the classic “Weu’sd a Herz hast wie a Bergwerk” (Because you have a heart like a mine). Apart from a countryside stroll, the video also depicts scenes showing a faceless woman wearing a tiny red bikini and slipping into a lake for a swim.

She explained that the skimpy scene was added because real life “also comes with a pinch of eroticism.” The video has so far become a hit on YouTube with over 1,000 views, which the amateur folk star deemed “amazing.”

Meanwhile, another Bavaria election hopeful, Christian Social Union politician Joe Heisl, has released an original rap video.


Bavaria is a southeast German state noted for having a reputation for being very traditional.



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