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German police confess they can’t stop motorists from using their Phones

German police confess they can’t stop motorists from using their Phones

Top cop believes number of smartphone users at the wheel is increasing.


Smartphone use has become so integrated into people’s lives that many people behind the wheel are still answering calls and texting despite the dangers of distracted driving.


Berlin head of the traffic branch Andreas Tschisch believes there are more people using their phones while driving than statistics reveal. Last year, around 131,000 motorists were caught using their phones while driving in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) alone.


Tschisch admitted the police are powerless when it came to controlling motorists: ‘The unreported figure of people doing it is enormously high, certainly in the tens of thousands.’ He added that some drivers are good at hiding the deed, making them more difficult to spot. NRW interior ministry also said they had no concrete tally of the number of people who reach for their phones while on the road.


Use of handheld phones while driving in Germany is prohibited. Those who are caught are fined €40 and are given points on their licences. If you’re guilty of this habit, here are some tips to break it.



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