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German statistics reveals surprising migrant Statistics

by FFE EU News Staff


migrant germany

To coincide with International Migrants Day, the German statistics office released a report that said one out of five Germans has migrant roots.


Of the 16.3 million migrants living in Germany in 2012, 10.9 million are people who have returned from abroad since 1949 and 5.4 million are the children of these migrants. As to their country of origin, 70% are said to have come from Europe, a third of which came from an EU state. 15.7% meanwhile came from Asia, 3.5% from Africa, 2.5% from America and 0.2% from Australia or Oceania. In addition, over 7% of people with migrant roots cannot be classified into any category because they have parents who have different nationalities.


Federal statistics office Destasis said that there were specific indications that qualify someone to be migrationshintergrund or ‘people with migrant roots.’ All migrants are counted as well as their children regardless of their citizenship in Germany. Generations that follow them who do not apply for German citizenship are also counted as people with migrant roots.


Second generation children who are born as Germans in Germany lose the label.


Migration shot up in Germany by the 1950s thanks to ‘guest workers’ hired to rebuild the country after the war. The number of migrants jumped again in the 1980s and 90s when the number of asylum seekers grew and when ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe flooded back to the country.





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