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Germany to EU migrants: be hired or be Deported

Germany to EU migrants: be hired or be Deported

Government panel wants to limit residency of EU jobseekers to three months.


In a bid to level the playing field between EU migrant workers and locals, a special German government panel proposed reducing the residency of EU jobseekers to three months. Those who remain unemployed after that given period may be expelled from Germany.


The special panel formed by Chancellor Angela Merkel in January reported that unemployed foreigners have no right to overstay in the country if they fail to find work or have no job prospects. The proposed three-month rule is supported by an EU court ruling that said six months is enough to assess if a person should be allowed to stay longer in the country.


The proposal emphasised that though member states should comply with the EU rule on freedom of movement, they are also free to put a limit on how long EU jobseekers should be allowed to stay to look for work.


The panel was formed amid growing number of EU migrants from poorer regions like Romania and Bulgaria, who are burdening the Germany’s social benefits system. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said ‘The number of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania in the nation is manageable, but regionally worrying.


‘It is right that we counteract now, so that there is no major damage to the country.’


Although the proposal is also backing stricter rules on benefits claims by migrants, it still recognises that migrants ‘contribute to prosperity and development.’ In this light, the panel additionally proposed giving a €200m support to cities most affected by migration in the next seven years.



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