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Get ready for storms in Northern Germany

by FFE EU News Staff




December brought snow and fog to Germany, and national weather service DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst or their German Meteorological Service)  expects bad weather will come into the mix.


Storm and flood warnings have been issued by DWD, especially as the week nears the end. The low pressure system (named Xaver) off Greenland may soon reach Germany’s shores by Thursday, bringing severe storms in Hamburg and surrounding areas until Friday.


Lower Saxony and islands on the North Sea may experience flooding as strong winds, rain and a bit of snow batters the northern strip of the country.


On Wednesday, clouds from the south will spell rain on the north and northwest areas of the country. Southern Germany will meanwhile experience snow and sleet. Highs will be from 0C to 8C while lows will reach -3C.


The Wednesday weather will persist on Thursday, with the south and central regions experiencing rain and snow. In hilly areas, lows of -7C can be experienced.


Snow will come blasting by Friday in mountainous areas. The whole country will also be greeted by the white blanket with highs of 0C to 5C. Frost will be experienced in places over 400m above sea level. Friday night will reach lows of -7C though snow may ease.


For West Europe, Wednesday will see partly cloudy skies in western France, while northeast France, Luxembourg, Brussels and much of Holland will have heavy clouds and a bit of rain.


Scotland will experience snows and rains on Thursday. Central England and Ireland will also have rainy with partly cloudy skies. Friday weather will be sunnier in West Europe, Nantes and Marseille will experience highs of 10 to 12C.



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