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‘Glowing’ Virgin Mary statue puzzles Belgian Scientists

‘Glowing’ Virgin Mary statue puzzles Belgian Scientists

Thousands flocking to see miracle statue in Jalhay town, southern Belgium.


An old statuette made of plaster is puzzling Belgian scientists and drawing thousands of people because it allegedly gives off a miraculous glow.


The Virgin Mary statuette is owned by retired bricklayer Daniel Le Floch of the sleepy town of Jalhay in southern Belgium. Le Floch said the icon had been standing unassumingly for 15 years in his kitchen when in January it started ‘giving off light.’


Tourists eventually heard about the glowing, healing statue and started lining up to see it, forcing Le Floch and his wife Nadia to move the icon in their garage.


‘Glowing’ Virgin Mary statue puzzles Belgian Scientists


On Monday, the icon made yet another move but to a bigger venue: the University of Liege, where researchers are currently investigating what’s making the plaster-made statuette give off a mysteriously glow.


After the scientists are satisfied, they plan to move it once again, this time 20 kilometres away to the pilgrimage town of Banneux. But Le Floch wishes the statuette will return to its rightful place, Jalhay.


Le Floch said ‘This cannot be explained. You’ll see. It only lights up here. The Virgin wants it that way.’



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