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Good deed leads man to pay fine in Spain

1may spain motorist accident

In Spain, the law requires drivers to give aid to any person they see involved in an accident. This is exactly what one Valencia motorist did one June day after he saw an injured biker on the side of the road.


After spotting the motorcycle and its biker, the motorist parked his car, called emergency and waited by the biker’s side. But before the ambulance arrived, a police officer ticketed the Good Samaritan for not parking his car correctly.


The driver explained that he had to rush to park his car so that he could help the biker as soon as possible. But his appeal did not make the officer change his mind. In disgust, the driver tore up his fine and threw it to the ground, prompting the cop to issue another fine, this time for littering.


Despite his good deed, the man was eventually forced to pay €150 for littering while appealing for the first ticket.



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