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Good Night Lamp

Photo from inthralld

Friends and families who live what seems like worlds away are always looking for ways to reconnect. Though there are so many social networks, messaging tools and ways to say hello; thisKickstarter project allows loved ones to be connected in a more subtle way. The Good Night Lamp is a part of a “family” of sorts, and lets you keep in touch by the flick of a switch– literally.

With a hierarchy of lamps in mind, the various components are connected via WiFi anywhere in the world. The connection allows each lamp to communicate by illuminating the other when the corresponding loved one is ‘home.’ A brilliant idea and a personalized way to stay in touch and let those closest to you know that they are thought of.

Photo from inthralld

Photo from inthralld

Photo from inthralld

Photo from inthralld

Photo from inthralld

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