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Goodbye healthy scalp; hello healthy and vibrant hair

Our hair is our crowning glory. The number of hairstyles that surprise and amaze us just goes to show how much we love anything related to hair. Whether we have a dalagang Filipina curtain, a curly voluptuous mane or a short-cropped ‘do, we have to keep our crowning glory healthy. But instead of focusing on just our hair itself, we should focus on where our hair comes from: the scalp.

                What are some tips to a healthy scalp? But before we give you these top tips, perhaps we should know why is taking care of the scalp important to the health of the hair in the first place.

Scalp health

                The hair that grows from our head is “dead.” Unlike our skin, our hair does not undergo a biological process. The living parts of the hair lie beneath the skin of our heads or our scalp. Taking care of the scalp directly means our hair production remains healthy.

                Here are tips to maintain a healthy scalp:

  • Keep away from the sun. Direct sunlight can harm the quality of hair and scalp. People with balding or thinning hair are particularly susceptible to overexposure much like our skin would be sunburned from too much sun. Wear a hat or cover your head with a scarf if you have to remain outdoors.
  • Be careful with dyes and other products. Not all hair products are safe, and not all hairs and scalps can withstand the chemicals in the products. Some can cause allergy and even burn the scalp. Organic hair dyes or going to professionals are ways to avoid scalp irritation.
  • Go for a scalp treatment. If you’re experiencing stress-induced hair thinning or dandruff, a scalp treatment can help revitalise the hair and scalp. A treatment can restore shine, promote growth and moisturise dry scalp. Do-it-yourself and natural scalp treatment like using coconut oil is a quick home remedy you can apply to yourself or your kids.
  • Massage your scalp. While on the shower, bath or before you sleep, take a few minutes to massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. Make small circles using your fingers, or use a massage brush while shampooing your hair. A scalp massage is also a great way to relax and release stress.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. You are what you eat. In this case, what we eat directly affects the health of our scalp and quality of hair. The follicles where hair growth occurs will thrive on a diet rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids and vitamins A and B12. Eat more nuts, bananas, salmon, eggs, spinach, lean meat, fruits and dairy products and less junk food to maintain healthy hair follicles.

Dry winter scalp

                One of the woes of going from the tropics to colder countries is the onset of dryer scalp and bad hair days. An important tip to prevent this is to change our hair care routine so that our scalp and hair can also adapt to the weather.

                Here are just some things you can do to maintain a healthy-looking mane and a flourishing scalp despite the chilly season:

  • Apply a moisturising shampoo or oil. A moisturising shampoo will replenish the moisture of our scalp that is sucked out by the dry and cold weather. Oils like tea tree, coconut and jojoba can also be applied after shampooing to rehydrate the hair.
  • Keep away from strong hair products. Change your shampoos and conditioner to mild, non-sulphate and hydrating products. Some people may be hypersensitive to sulphate which can irritate the scalp and promote flaking.
  • Accessorise. This is one fun tip: use caps, hats, berets, scarves that protect your hair and scalp and even improve your overall look.


               Luckily for us, maintaining our scalp is very easy… we don’t have to spend so much cash or go out of our way to follow these tips every day. The next time we think about going to the salon, let’s not stop with just what we see on the surface but continue on to what lies beneath our glorious tresses. If we want to address bad hair days, we literally have to get to the root of the problem!


What are your tips to maintain a healthy scalp? Have you had any embarrassing hair situations? How did you fix them? Share them all here by leaving a comment below!



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