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Google creates ‘smart contact lens’ for Diabetics

by FFE Tech News Staff




Google has just announced that it is testing a new technology called ‘smart contact lens’ that can measure glucose levels in tears.


The lens is equipped with wireless chips that are so small they look like bits of glitters. They also come equipped with a glucose sensor, and the company is looking to add tiny LED lights that will light up when certain glucose thresholds are hit.


Google clarified in their blog that they had ‘a lot more work’ to do to get the lens ready for everyday use. The company added ‘It’s still early days for this technology, but we’ve completed multiple clinical research studies which are helping to refine our prototype.


‘We hope this could someday lead to a new way for people with diabetes to manage their disease.’


According to the International Diabetes Foundation, one in 10 people around the world may have diabetes by 2035. Diabetes patients need to monitor their glucose levels regularly to keep fit. The current method of testing glucose levels is through testing blood samples.


Google’s smart contact lens can do readings ‘once per second.’ Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan managing director Manoj Menon said ‘This is an exciting development for preventive healthcare industry.


‘It is likely to spur a range of other innovations towards miniaturising technology and using it in wearable devices to help people monitor their bodies better.’


Google said it is looking for potential partners to improve the device, including America’s Food and Drug Administration and groups that are ‘are experts in bringing products like this to market.’ It added that the company is considering developing an app that would make readings more convenient for wearers and their doctors.


Wearable technology has become a growing industry with some estimating it would hit between (£6bn and £31bn) in five years. Firms that have dipped their hands in the sector are also mostly tackling healthcare issues. Last year, Microsoft revealed they were researching a prototype ‘smart bra’ that monitors overeating, but they clarified that the product was not for commercial use.






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