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Gutierrezes proud of new family Member

2jun gutierrez baby 4

Richard Gutierrez’s baby announcement yesterday night has got Philippine showbiz abuzz with excitement. But big sister Ruffa topped them all off when she tweeted her elation over her brother’s confident admission of the family secret:


2jun gutierrez baby


Richard’s big reveal happened during the last few minutes of the pilot episode of ‘It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez,’ a reality TV series based on the popular Gutierrez clan, which includes patriarch Eddie Gutierrez, feisty Annabelle Rama, Ruffa and twin brothers Richard and Raymond.


The show promised explosive scenes and the love child revelation on the pilot episode delivered that promise.


Rumours about the newest member of the Gutierrez clan surfaced last year when Richard’s Swiss-Pinay girlfriend Sarah Lahbati suddenly left her showbiz career for Europe. Her reason then was so she could pursue further studies. But many speculated that Richard had something to do with her sudden departure. Their secrecy about the issue up until the big reveal has also led bashers to say that it is wrong for Richard to hide his child.


2jun gutierrez baby 2

Baby boy Zion’s hand over Richard’s hand by @sarahlahbati



Now that everything is out in the open, Ruffa said that they are getting non-stop calls from friends and family. The Gutierrezes and Ruffa’s Instagram supporters are standing by Richard’s decision, saying that he and the family have the right to keep that information secret:


‘So many haters green with envy! But then again who cares about them? Life is still beautiful no matter what they say!’ said @princessmaria_e.


Never naman nila dineny yung baby, hindi palang siguro sila ready aminin s publiko at isa pa wala naman silang intensyon itago yun, naghihintay lang siguro sila ng tamang oras pra isapubliko ito,’ said @momlizbeth1977.


@meryllovespaul said ‘Their life, their baby, their call. Just because they’re celebrities and we’re the people watching doesn’t mean we have the right to make the decisions. Give them the chance to enjoy their private lives.’


Sarah Lahbati also made it clear on her Instagram account that:


‘From DAY ONE, we took care of [baby Zion] loved him, protected him and gave him everything, until now. WE NEVER DENIED HIM. We just wanted to keep our privacy. I love my family and I’m extremely happy and blessed that we were able to finally share our life with everyone. Spread the love.’



Now that the secret’s out, what’s next for Richard and the Gutierrezes? More revelations will certainly come in the next episodes of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. The programme is aired in the Philippines by E! and is broadcast in 20 Asian countries.



2jun gutierrez baby 3

The Gutierrezes, dubbed ‘The Royal Family of Philippine Showbiz,’



What can you say about the explosive revelation about baby Zion Gutierrez? Share your thoughts below.





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