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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is always a fun and memorable event for children. They get to dress up as their favourite characters and can eat as much candy as normally allowed.

Some parents also join the festivities and make Halloween a family affair. Families often fill shopping malls while looking for Halloween decorations, costumes, and accessories. However, because of difficult economic times pricey retail costumes can be problematic for budgeting parents.

Parents should not fret though. We have compiled a list of easy and inexpensive homemade costume ideas for the little ones. These homemade costumes will not require much spending or even any at all. These may even be a great opportunity for parents to bond with their children. DIY Halloween costumes are definitely a fun and interactive project for the entire family.

With a little hard work, resourcefulness, and creativity, parents will able to dress up their children in the cutest Halloween costumes!


Children dream of being a superhero or maybe a raging green monster once in their lives. The Hulk and she-hulk are probably one of the easiest homemade superhero costumes to do because all it requires is inexpensive green body paint. This is a very simple costume design but it will surely leave a smashing impression.

Photo from child-behavior-guide.com


  1. Buy green body paint in any supplies or hardware stores. You can buy brown body paint as well. Mixing a dab of brown paint with the green will create a deeper shade.
  2. Spread the green paint all over your child’s face and body. Make sure the body paint you buy is hypoallergenic. If in doubt, try it on your skin first before putting on your child.
  3. Get a pair of your child’s old worn-out shorts and T-shirt. Cut the apparels about 4-5 inches shorter than the original length (depending on your child’s height and frame)
  4. Mess up their hair.


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