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Health minister battles for greater smoking ban in Italy

Health minister Beatrice Lorenzin proposed a new bill on Wednesday that would ban smoking in outdoor areas. Italy currently bans smoking in indoor spaces. Lorenzin’s bill comes as a reply to growing statistics on cigarette use across Europe, where smoking continues to be the leading cause of death in the region.

In her letter addressed to parliament, Lorenzin called for a faster and broader action for the anti-smoking cause especially since more young people are already exposed and addicted to smoking. She emphasizes the need for changes since current anti-smoking campaigns are not effective.

Her proposed bill seeks to ban the smoking of traditional and electronic cigarettes in outdoor areas such as schools, gardens, car parks, playgrounds and courtyards. The bill also seeks to ban smoking in cars with pregnant women and children on board.


While Lorenzin is aware that the proposed ban will be met by critics who will view it as an attack on personal freedom, she is adamant that her initiative should be seen as freedom against poison.



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