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‘Healthy’ desk now in Market

by FFE Tech News Staff




Doctors say that sitting too long is unhealthy. But do nine-to-five employees have a choice? According to Stir, a company founded by a former Apple engineer, there is a choice: a smart table that will nudge people to stand.


The Kinetic Desk is a touch-screen controlled table that can be adjusted to sitting height or standing height depending on the user’s preference. It can be programmed so that the user can alternate between standing or sitting at a certain percent of time. A heat sensor helps the table know whether the user is standing or sitting at any time.


The desk comes with a built-in control that users should tap twice to use. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and hidden USB connections also allow users to charge their mobile, share files and connect to the internet in one go.


Stir CEO JP Labrosse says that the company is looking to connect the desk to fitness apps like Fitbit to let the table know if the user has already been sitting or standing more than usual.




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