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Healthy Swede spots his name in local Obituary

by FFE EU News Staff




A Swedish pensioner died laughing when he read his obituary in a local newspaper.


Eighty-one year old Sven-Olof Svensson of Jönköping spent Christmas Eve in a hospital because he felt unwell. But it was only when his concerned 90 year old sister rang up the doctors that everything went wrong.


Sven-Olof recounted that his sister got the impression that he passed away and wrote an obituary for him with friend Lars Fältskog. The ad was then published New Year’s Eve in the local Jönköpings-Posten.


When Lars went to the hospital with the intention of collecting Sven-Olof’s personal belongings, he was shocked to find that his friend was sitting up in bed, on the mend but as healthy as ever.


Sven-Olof said ‘You can see the humour in it. It’s understandable to me that there may have been a mistake even if it was fatal in this case.


‘It’s clear that [my sister] was shocked.’


The pensioner laughed the whole episode off, including a January 7th listing in the recently deceased page in the paper.


Sven-Olof said he was feeling much better now and added that he didn’t feel anything much when he saw his name in the obituary. ‘We are all on the same road. Sooner or later you are going to end up in the obituary section. I’ve lived a fantastic long life, I’m 81 and can’t complain about my age.’


Another newspaper based in western Sweden tightened their rules when confirming details about deaths after they published an ad by a woman who faked her own obituary.





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