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Henares waiting to KO Pacquiao to the dismay of his Fans

15apr bir pacquiao tax


While the whole Philippines prepares to greet Manny Pacquiao with jubilation as he returns to the country later this week, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is ready to greet him with news of additional tax obligations.


BIR Commissioner Kim Henares has told media right after Sunday’s fight against Timothy Bradley that Pacquiao now owes Php2.56 billion in taxes. This is based on the calculation that Manny will take home around $20m (around Php889b) purse from the bout. His local pay-per-view earnings is not yet included in this estimate.


Because of her statement, the commissioner has received backlash from the public for being a killjoy. Henares’ reminder has consistently been shown on news channels alongside features about Manny.


According to the commissioner, ‘Hindi naman ho ako nagre-remind sa kanya, tinatanong lang ako [ng media].’ Malacañang also defended Henares, saying that ‘She’s just doing her job.


‘We don’t quite think that Commissioner Henares intends to be in any way disrespectful, or that her manner any way tends to lessen the honour that Manny Pacquiao has brought to the country,’ said Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte.


Valte explained that Pacquiao’s camp has been working closely with the BIR since December to iron out the boxer’s tax liabilities and that ‘I don’t think that [Henares] meant to be a spoiler [of] his victory.’


However, the timing of Henares’ statement and her consistent appearance to media to remind Pacquiao’s camp of their dues have taken the joy out of Manny’s victory for many of his supporters.


Pacquiao’s ongoing ‘bout’ with the tax commissioner has consistently been the subject of Internet memes and jokes since the BIR revealed late last year that the boxer had tax liabilities.



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