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Hip and Nifty Bonifacio Global City PART I

The past few days have been sunny. Our Cousin Mario said it ‘seemed like summer.’ We took his word for it, and went into another foray around Metro Manila. But this time we did a joint indoor-outdoor trip.

Cousin said the best places to go in the city are the malls. Other than that, there were the historic centers like Intramuros and Binondo, which we already went to.

But it seemed Cousin Mario didn’t know the secrets of this place we visited.

Any ideas where we went last weekend?

We won’t keep you guessing… we were at BGC!

Bonifacio Global City

BGC is short for Bonifacio Global City. It’s built like a city-within-a-city… not like the sovereign Rome or Monaco, but it’s definitely a hotspot. About the time we got here in Manila, there was news that two cities were trying to claim the area. Last we heard it’s now under Makati from Taguig, but Cousin Mario shared a lot of other cool information about BGC.

BGC or The Fort is home to global business centres, parks and recreation facilities, high-end malls, local and international restaurants, markets and housing. It’s called ‘global’ city because it houses these international firms and, yes, is favoured by a lot of visiting foreigners. Like Makati’s centre, we saw lots of expats in BGC. But before being the hip place to be for Pinoys, the BGC area was a virtual flatland… or so said our cousin.

There was virtually no planning involved here on our part. What we did mainly was to check out the city’s Facebook page and list what BGC featured. We also did a lot of walking – so bring a map, or turn your phone’s GPS app on… it’ll save your life!

After we did our researching, we came up with 5 points to visit in BGC: namely Mind Museum, Venice Piazza, High Street, Market! Market! and Serendra.

Mind Museum

J. Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave, Taguig

The Mind Museum is unlike any other museum in the country because it focuses on science. It’s a very modern museum, and kids will very much enjoy going here… although we’re sure adults will also pick-up something exciting from the exhibits.

The museum is designed like a tour with ‘mind movers’ leading groups from one spot to another. We liked this format as it was pretty educational, and we didn’t feel the need to rush through the museum. Discovering atoms, seeing a model of the butanding or whale shark and Stan the T.rex, stargazing, playing with the elliptical pool table were very enjoyable with playful and curious kids around.

One of the best moments was touching the Graff static ball that shot our hairs up!

A tour around the Mind Museum is 3 hours long, but we heard that if you get an all-day pass you can stay as long as you want to. We paid Php600 (€10) for our ticket. Around that time there was a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit up, worth more than the regular ticket. We were told the Mind Museum had unique exhibits now and then, so if you’re planning to visit, you might want to check out what they have scheduled for the month.

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