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Hip and Nifty Bonifacio Global City PART II

Venice Piazza

McKinley Hill, Taguig

Venice Piazza is a little Italy right at the center of McKinley Hill – located at the other side of the Fort from the Mind Museum. The piazza is a two level structure with shops and dining options. It’s great to be there at night, and we timed our visit to coincide with an event with fire spinners and DJs at the grounds.

Frankly, it’s idyllic for people who would like to wind down their weekday. There were lots of people there, the Friday night crowd enjoying their dinner, families and friends strolling at the piazza. There are lots of food choices here, so visitors won’t run out of options. The circular piazza is ideal for walking, and there are seats around the pizza for lounging. There’s even a small playground to the side for kids.

We wouldn’t have lingered much in the piazza if not for this fire spinning event in one corner of the grounds. We were able to talk to a lot of musicians and dancers while we were there, which made our visit to the piazza a whole lot memorable. We were told the piazza had special events once in a while. One of those we plan to visit in the future is this food and wine workshop later this month that would show street food with wine… cool, eh?

High Street

Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

High Street is a block full of restaurants and specialty shops with an open park space at the centre. Aside from establishments, there are also events and performances like the ones in Venice Piazza.

Unlike Venice Piazza though, High Street has more store options to choose from. It’s like an open-plan mall with a big ‘ole park in the centre. It’s great for strolling, and there are lots of pet owners who walk their dogs freely within the park area.

Aside from restaurants, there are boutique stores, bookshops, bars, a cinema and cool sculptures. Basically, anyone can find something interesting in the area. When we visited High Street, there were also performers all around the place: at the parks, in pathways, on one corner of a building. These performers are part of what’s called the BGC Impromptu, and we have seen ukulele musicians, singers, jugglers and hip hop dancers do their own thing in their designated corners around the park. What’s great about them is that anyone can walk right into their group and play or dance with them.

The Impromptu project happens Mondays thru Saturdays with scheduled performances that visitors can check ahead through the project’s website. Personally, we intentionally scheduled our visit to High Street to see these performers because they are what give the park a sense of community.

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