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Hip and Nifty Bonifacio Global City PART III

Market! Market!

26th St. corner C5, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

What we liked about Market Market! that isn’t at High Street was that distinctive street market feel to it. Market! Market! is a mall with a definite Pinoy twist. The shops here were closer together, and although there were some familiar international brands, most of the businesses selling their wares were local.

For budget-conscious travellers, we recommend Market! Market! over Piazza and High Street. Those who are more interested in the local scene – like we were – will also enjoy window shopping around here better, although there were more people here and leisurely strolls are limited to a small plaza outdoors.

Market! Market! has everything… it mixes the modern and traditional markets with flowers and fruit stands, cinemas, proper restaurants and hawker’s stalls.


Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Serendra is a huddle of residential buildings very near Market! Market! and is home to a lot of expats in Taguig. The piazza at Serendra feels like Venice Piazza, with high end restaurants and specialty shops lining the street.

Unlike Venice Piazza though, Serendra has more local restaurants. In some ways, it also feels like a mini High Street because of furniture and styles shops and other specialty stores and services. It’s a nice nook for casual meetings and has a more laid-back atmosphere compared to the dazzling Venice Piazza, the ritzy High Street and the busy Market! Market!

What also makes Serendra appealing is its cluster of trees and art pieces, a delightful turn of pace from the other parts of BGC. Since the shop areas are so close to the residential buildings, it’s only apt that the atmosphere is more homely, but that makes it all the more attractive as the last stop of our visit before we went home.

Other notable places

Of course, we were aware that there is still more to look forward to in BGC. There’s Arts in the City and NBC Tent to visit, and the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery) in a crash course of history. Arts in the City is home to pole dancers, world-class singers and other artists, we were told. These groups also hold classes there, but we don’t know if we can spare a few sessions there. So we’re looking forward to an event someday. The same goes for NBC Tent, which is usually rented by organisers for special events. There are bazaars, exhibits and fairs once in a while there, so we’re also keeping an eye out for any update.

Libingan ng mga Bayani is located way outside of the BGC centre, but is a historic site for soldiers who fought for the country in World War II. The most prominent Filipinos are also buried here, including past presidents.

That’s about it for the places. BGC is so much more than the shops and the services there. Like we said, we enjoyed our visit when we timed it with performances, and there are plenty more to look forward to if you are updated.

There’s always something happening in BGC, and best of all is half the time these events are free!

How to get there

It’s relatively easy to get to BGC as long as you’re in EDSA. There are two major entry points from EDSA: one is to take the MRT or a bus and get down in Guadalupe or in Ayala Avenue. From Guadalupe, there is a jeepney stop with jeepneys that pass by Market! Market! and McKinley Hill near Venice Piazza. From Ayala Avenue, there are buses that ply the business centre of BGC. Here’s a quick chart for the bus routes available in the area:


BGC is a very walkable place. The pedestrian lanes are also very wide – you can take your bike with you if you prefer that to walking. There are spaces to park your bike in High Street or Market! Market! There are also pay parking for those who plan to bring their cars. But jeeps and buses go around BGC – just ask which one you should take as they follow their own routes. Bus stops are also unmarked… don’t hesitate to ask security where to flag a bus.

What did we think about BGC? At the surface, it’s very much like downtown of any other city in Europe. But the thing is to time your visit to catch big events or small performances by really talented Filipinos. The best thing about catching these performances is that the artists readily invite you to join their circle, and even teach you a thing or two about their passions.

Well, this is all we have for now. But we definitely aren’t finished with BGC yet. It’s so near our Cousin Mario’s condominium in Makati… now we know where to hang out that isn’t exactly malls and shops, although these are also a main pulse of BGC.

Are you interested in a place like BGC? Have you been here? Let us know in the comments section!

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