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‘Honesto’ bids Farewell

‘Honesto,’ the story of a boy who must not tell a lie, will hold its finale today, Friday 14 march, and the cast are as sad as fans as they bid farewell to the show.


Honesto was launched back in October 2013 and has since been reigning in the primetime ratings, trending in Twitter and beating shows from ABS-CBN and rival networks. It stars the talented newcomer Raikko Mateo, whose very expressive eyes helped him land the central character Honesto Galang/Layer.


Raikko’s talent and cuteness has got many of the cast and fans attached to him and his character, including Janice de Belen who played Honesto’s adoptive mother Lourdes Galang:


‘Honesto’ bids Farewell

As soap ends, fans and team get teary-eyed.

 ‘IT’S A WRAP!!!! I WILL MISS THIS LITTLE BOY! @raikkorain #honesto’


The reel-world mother and son have grown very close to each other, spending breaks between taping in play. In the following Instagram post, two fans couldn’t help but comment ‘Ang cute! Parang mag ina lang!’ and ‘Your mother and son team up is so real..’:


‘Honesto’ bids Farewell

‘Kulitan tym with may Nanay Lourdes… @super_janice’


The Honesto team also couldn’t help but show their support for the boy wonder in this finale shoot:


‘Honesto’ bids Farewell

 ‘Mammz ko po kaung lahat… Salamat po sa ❤… #happymuch #honestoteam #honestofinale’


Stars of Honesto did not forget to thank their fans who have followed the show loyally.


Paolo Avelino, who plays Honesto’s biological father Diego Layer, tweeted: ‘Nakakataba po ng puso ang lahat ng tweets ninyo. Maraming salamat po.’


Joseph Marco, who plays the endearing human conscience Elai Galang, tweeted ‘#Honesto Will definitely miss this team! Thank you so much for supporting us all the way!’


Fans said they will miss the show that has inspired and taught them good moral lessons:


@egr468 said ‘I love the show and I wish it was long series.’


@marielv22 said ‘I will miss #Honesto promise! I hope abs cbn will continue to give us inspiring shows like this..’


@abl_fashionstore said ‘Great cast, great story, with great moral lessons. Sana marami pang ganyan that we can watch through Tfc!’


As Honesto says goodbye to primetime, it has proven one thing for sure: many Filipinos still value the power of honesty and stories that inspire us to be good.



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