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Hot pink manholes grab Oslo toilet users’ Eyes

by FFE EU News Staff




Oslo Council has come up with a unique method to make people stop blocking up the drains.


More than forty manholes around Norway’s capital city has been emblazoned with hot pink stickers that read ‘Bæsj, Tiss, Dopap’ or ‘Poo, Piss, Toilet paper.’ Underneath this eye-catching script is a smaller text saying nothing else should be flushed down the toilet. The sticker also warns flushing leftovers, coffee grounds and other foodstuffs down the drain is like ‘inviting rats into your home.’


Oslo Water and Sewerage Authority senior engineer Vivi Paulsen explained that they chose hot pink because ‘we thought it was the best way to get people’s attention.’ The stickers were distributed in crowded shopping centres and central Oslo to reach more people.


Paulsen said that the cost of the adverts was just a fraction of what the Council had to spend yearly to clean out gunk in the sewerage system and treatment plants like fat, cotton buds and tampons.





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